Monday, July 20, 2009

20/7/2009 New Lure video from Patriot Design

For anyone wanting to get an idea of how to work the new poppers and stickbaits for GT & Tuna from Patriot Design as well as improve your own technique. Check out the following youtube video link:

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Testing Ocean Revolution GT rods with Randy

This March we tested Ocean Revolutions new range of GT popping and jigging rods in the Andaman Islands, Randy from Anglers Pro Shop joined us with Colin Pacitti for 5 days of fishing. I am a fan of Carpenter GT rods but I must say that that when Randy said to try out the OR rods I was game, the initial look of and feel of the rods was just right, there are so many rods out there that though capable of the task of landing big GT's are just not to my personal style in both the looks and actual feel of the rod.

The OR rods look great not too flashy but with enough class, they are very light and the power loads very easily through the rod when casting, always something to look for when you need to cast poppers at least 60 meters out.

Here is me trying one of the lighter models (not exactly light at a PE8 rating)

The tides were not exactly the best but we started off the trip with a number of small to medium sized GT's, of course we got to play with all the rods and try different poppers on them, Colin immediately fell in love with the long cast version and was sending the 130gm GT Mania miles away with each cast.

We racked up the numbers with many double hook ups and Kantha casting tirelessly

Colin landed this nice fish below on a 150 Cubera

We had non stop jigging action as well, lods of smaller GT's, we did raise a big doggie but it lost interest after seeing the boat.

I caught my first ever Maori Sea Perch on jig, I must admit I did not know what the fish was until later on.

And follwed it with a decent GT

We gave Kantha bit of a break from driving and let him do what he enjoys best, catch fish...

Just look at the strain Kantha is putting on the OR GT rod, Randy gave him the go ahead to try and max it and max it he did.

Colin mamaged to get a nice sized black GT, this wieghed in at 26kg and Colin does think they pull harder than the lighter coloured ones.

Kantha then went on to land the biggest fish of the trip

Here is Randy putting the PE12 OR rod through its paces, that rod does not feel like a PE12 rod and makes working big bloopers easy.

The OR jigging rods are very light and easy to use, I really enjoyed using them except for the Rodrigues Special Black Monstro which is a beast of a rod, its meant to be a 1 drop rod when you know your chances of a record sized doggie are very high. The other models you can jig with all day and feel tired which say how light and useable the rods are.

Randy was lucky enough to get a Mirror Trevally which is quite a rare catch on jig

You can also read the full report on at the following link:

APS-Andaman Feb 2009