Thursday, November 11, 2010

Popper Pulling Pacitti.....

Late October 2010 saw us fishing with Colin Pacitti, Richard Foster and Michael Bailey. It was a pleasure to fish with the group and share many a laugh while going about the business of catching fish.

Our boys Kantha and Gafoor posing with a GT that couldn't resist hammering a popper chucked over a deep reef by Colin.

A jig caught Dog Tooth Tuna with Colin.

Above, Mike with a fantastic specimen! We often have Red Bass on popper. Considering they don't get to massive sizes they pull really hard especially over shallow reefs. Specimens like the one above are often caught and make for some awesome photographs.

A GT that couldn't resist a Yo Zuri Bull GT. It's a lure that still never fails to raise fish and one we don't see visiting anglers fishing with very often. It's a great fish raising lure and can be very effective when fish shy away from large slower chuggers. We find the darker shades work better on overcast days. It's worth having a couple of these lures in your tackle bag while fishing in the Andaman Islands.

Richard fighting a GT and making it look easy ;-)

A 'Rat' GT being released to grow up and fight hard another day!

Mike with a small GT caught close to Havelock. We spent half the trip fishing from Havelock Island in Ritchie's Archipelago. A great and very scenic area to fish from.

Above Mike with his GT and the after effects of fighting a large fish. This was Mike's first GT trip and we know for sure it won't be his last. Look forward to fishing again with Mike.

Another Red Bass for Mike!

Colin leaning into a GT tearing off towards the reef.

A quick shot of Colin's GT before it was released back to the reef.

Alas, all good times have to come to an end and we saw the group off from Port Blair. They then headed to Thailand for a couple of weeks of fishing, before heading back home.

For anglers, especially first time GT fishermen from the UK, it's worthwhile getting in touch with Richard who's traveled extensively and has a treasure of knowledge fishing exotic destinations. Richard can be contacted through his website:

A week after the departure of Colin and group saw a cyclone pass through. The last of the year, which heralded a change in the Monsoon winds here in the Andaman Islands. We now are well into the North East Monsoon and hope it'll be a good one this year. A good monsoon with rain resluts in a drop in Sea Temperatures and makes for a great later half of the season. We're now waiting for our next group of anglers to arrive, this time from France.

Darran & Akshay.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wilson's Andaman Adventure II

The middle of October 2010 was spent fishing with a group out of Singapore, led by Wilson. It was our first group out of Singapore for the season and we have a whole lot on their way. This trip was a warm up trip for us as well as we were fishing most of our marks for the first time this season.

Wilson casting into a school of Fusilier that were being harassed on the edge of a deep reef.

Above, some of the jigging action on a sea mount we fish.

Ghani with his first decent sized Andaman GT.

Wilson with another good sized GT, not his first and definitely not his last fish.

Darran & Akshay.