Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Operation Singhala GT… what is coming…

I am sure all our followers are eagerly awaiting this report …..

With the boat at its destination in Krinda, we set up our gear to see what fish were about waiting to take our lures. The idea was to explore the area find potential spots and see if we could hook a few geets…

The weather was perfect, the boat is all set up and off we go, do I have expectations… I always do and that is why I keep fishing!!!, its a new area for us and exploring can pay off sometimes and sometimes it does not, I am looking for areas that have the potential to hold fish

One of the areas we came to had all the characteristics required and after a few short strikes we were immediately rewarded with a bust off for Damith, I hooked up one on 80lb braid and was bricked a few seconds later… game on!! Time for pe 10 heavy drag and the big lures so I can pull back too…..


Damith with a nice GT the first one we landed on one of the new spots


I was itching to try my new Rocket after I broke the last one in the Andaman Islands, so armed with PE10 line I cast to be rewarded after 3 pops with this nice 40 kg Singhala GT, this is my first GT on day 1 of exploring and its a very positive sign, that fish are a good size


More action followed as we found new spots and great news, most of the fish are in the 20kg range average size, they pull real hard as this is probably due to the proximity of the open ocean


Some of the reefs are quite shallow and getting the GT’s out means you have to pull too.


We found GT’s in most of the spots we tried which is great as we now have a good knowledge of where to find them.


I could not resist a cast near the light house and had an immediate hook up, it makes a great picture in a wonderful location.

Now to answer the question is there anything big around, well the answer is er… YES Yes Yes


Damith poses with the big boy that nearly broke his back, no he is not smiling…. it is 53.8 kg


A regular Lankan GT comes in


I hook up with a big boy that came up like a torpedo and smacked the popper, no messing about for sure with this fish


And getting ready for the pose after a hard fight


Decoy treble opened, one of many are these fish strong or what.


Its very good fun when big fish are around as you often wonder if you will be able to handle the next one given the way they pull.


Did we catch more? Were they big? Are there many? Well you need to watch this space to know the answers to those questions.

Tight lines till next time.