Friday, March 30, 2012

Kwality Fishing!


Come early March we were fishing with a bunch of guys out of Mumbai, India. It’s great to be able to take out anglers from here who are keen on learning to pop and jig and enthusiastic about every fish they catch. We mixed up our fishing days with a bit of popping and jigging and we trolled between spots which saw some additional fish being caught while the boys were having a rest after flinging poppers the whole morning under a hot sun.


Faraz with a ‘rat’ GT caught on popper that pulled hard!


Javed with his personal best GT and biggest GT of the trip caught on popper. This one gave Javed a tough time and made things hurt. We had a good laugh seeing the state of his brand new popper. He was lucky to land the fish and setting hooks half a dozen times helps!


A close up of the same fish and trashed popper!


A gorgeous Blue Fin Trevally! They truly are great fighters and we wish they got as big as some of the monster GT we have swimming in our seas.


Javed hit the Jackpot twice on the same day. This mean fish hammered a stickbait off a decent patch of reef and fought hard. We sent it back where it belonged after a quick set of photos.


Faraz with a beautiful Dorado. This bull hit a skirted lures as we were trolling back home after a long day of fishing. A perfect way to end the day!


We decided to take them out for their first day of jigging. The guys got lucky with the amount of bait hanging around in the area. We soon had one of the best sessions of this season with 29 GT’s and 10 Doggies on jig. Not bad for a first attempt. The drop offs were alive with bait like fusilier, mackerel and skip-jack. We could almost smell the marlin out there but decided we’d save them for another day. 


Javed with this awesome Doggie caught on jig was the fish of the trip. Not bad for a first. We’re going to have our work cut out for us keeping this lot happy the next time they visit! In the meanwhile they’re busy preparing an arsenal of popping and jigging gear so they’re well prepared for their next round. Follow this space to see how they get along next time they visit the Andaman Islands to pop and jig!

We’re also waiting for them to put together a video of their trip and we’ll post a link to it as soon as we have it.

Team SFI.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The return of Mike

Mike first fished with us 2 years ago as a first time popper fisherman, he was addicted and has since then made a few exclusive popping trips, he was back to fish with us all geared up and try some jigging this time.

We got in a bit of popping first as this was a primary objective for Mike, the results were great with many fish.



After many fish were caught on popper we decided to focus on the jigging for a few days and here are the results for first time jigging








Then came the jigging prize for keeping at it…



Stay tuned for more

Team SFI

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Seawood Tackle group

The end of Feb saw us fishing with the Hombres from Seawood Tackle in Spain, they were fully prepared for popping and jigging and going after big fish….. except massive fish!! So there were line breaks and hook pulls and the monsters live and the boys from Spain will go back with tales of the ones that got away and come back charged up once again.

Let the pictures talk of the mucho mucho fishing we had

Species first





Then GT’s











And a surprise for the cream of popping to compensate for the ones lost on jig


Will they be back for another round??


We think so

Team SFI

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Swiss and Swedes

Just finish an epic trip fishing with the Legends. Our friends from Sweden and Switzerland visit us for an another wonderful trip.

Patrick was doing his first fishing trip for GTs. Well, as he noticed it's not that simple and really addictive !
Patrick was ready for any battles and technically on the top. But you definitely need the fighting spirit for the Giant Trevallies.
Helena was doing her second trip. She did well landing a big Spanish Mackrel, a coral trout and severals GTs while my dear friend from Switzerland, Didier, was the veteran and acted properly to show them the way. Decent GTs and a lovely dogtooth tuna for him on poppers !



pic6_Andaman-islands_Alban-pic7pic8He also landed 2 groupers, one on jig and an other one on stickbait.

It's been hard sometimes to handle some big fish... they won. Often !

But this is what makes stories, isn't it ?
Switzerland have been proudly represented by Didier but on the other hand, our friends from Sweden learn fast and I'm sure the next they'll re-write the story !
Thank you all for these sweet moments and let's meet again soon.



Team SFI

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lacca boys

The third week of Feb saw us fishing with Rory, Dean, Dave and Skollie and though the tides were not ripping we had some fantastic action, it just goes to show that when the fish are around they will play.

The first day started off well with many nice GT’s, one took the popper almost as it was being lifted out of the water. A good start.



The guys we fully prepared for their trip as the picture below shows


We were getting a lot of action and surprisingly the dogtooth tuna were happy to play ball too, what a surprise for Dave when he hooked a doggie out of a bait school and it took off.


Dave and his personal best doggie on popper too!!!

We varied the places we fished with popping and jigging so as to cover more areas and had very good all round action with numerous species.





There was some insane action on jig with 35 GT’s and Doggies and some lost.



Action on jig was continuous




When the tides we better we went after the big ones here is the group on their way out


And the trophies:



And then the return home all popped and jigged out


Team SFI