Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Kwality Fishing Part II

We were visited again, twice for this season by Javed from Bombay who's well on his way to becoming a popping and jigging addict! We fished a wide area on this trip, first starting from Havelock and working our way down to the South Andaman chain. We lost a day at the start to a bit of engine trouble but soon were on our way fishing. The conditions in April were almost perfect and we took this opportunity to troll as well between spots.

A nice Barracuda caught while trolling on the 200 meter line. Being a volcanic island chain the drop-offs are pretty close. Also have some great pelagic action for those willing to try.

Above Irfan getting into a bit of his own action with some nice Big eye Tuna and Wahoo.

Javed with a very decent Big eye Tuna... the biggest of the trip.

Above, some of the GT caught on popper and Rusty Job fish on jig.

Halcyon III our center console power Catamaran we were fishing from back in Port after the trip.

Team SFI.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Average Angler Video

Those of you who follow our blog will remember these crazy Aussies who won the Andaman Ashes last season. Well they've come out with a video of their fishing trip with us. The video's been put together by David Lim who's done an excellent job. 

Enjoy this small video at the link below:

Team SFI.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

4 French

We had a group of visiting anglers from France who were restricted in their options for the dates during which they could fish with us because one of the group members was accompanied by his son who was fishing in the tropics for the first time popping and jigging.

We had suggested that they change their dates as the first 4 days of their trip had very very little water movement and the last 2 days saw the start of the build up to spring tides but this was not possible for them.

The fishing as expected was hard, fish not taking lures big, small what ever, the sea conditions were flat calm, and very humid, not good when you need to cast all day.

We tried really hard and there was some success each day we lost probably the fish of the trip on day 1 and day 3 when we managed to hook up some really good fish only for them to come off, thats fishing though!!

Flat calm seas

A first GT in the tropics on popper

We did get lucky some times though..

On the last day of their trip we had better tides and as the build up to springs began and this was really the best day of the trip with multiple hook ups, big doggies following and taking surface lures in schools, repeated full blown attacks from GT’s, we even got the biggest fish of the trip a 20kg odd fish this day.

Father/ Son with the 20kg and a black GT from the same bait school

Team SFI