Saturday, March 26, 2011

Popper Fishing Parisot

We had a family of popper fishing enthusiasts from France fish with us over Christmas. Pascal joined us every day with one of his sons and we set of on day trips searching for GT on popper.
As this was one of the first 'Tropical Fishing' trip for the kids we toned the fishing down, fishing with smaller poppers, lighter setups, looking to catch many fish and species.

Pascal started the trip with a popper caught Barracuda that was released after a quick photograph.

We spent the week fishing off Havelock Island and Ritchie's Archipelago that's perfect for a fishing holiday especially for a family. Apart from some great fishing in the area there's a lot to do for non angling partners on land.

We were out fishing in some great conditions and had a wide variety of species. When the boys found the popper fishing difficult we switched to stick-baits with some awesome results.

Darran & Akshay.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Time Poppers....

Earlier this season we had a group of first time popper fishermen from India who visited the Andaman Islands to try their hand at catching GT on popper. They were amazed at the action they had and have promised to return next season with upgraded equipment to target bigger specimens. With the rising popularity in Popper and Jig fishing across the world we see a large number of groups who are first timers.

Nakul with a small popper caught Blue Fin Trevally.

Fish Marking!

Moncho with a Popper caught Trevally.

The gang with a great Spanish Mackerel caught while trolling on the way back to Port. We look forward to seeing them back in the Andaman Islands next season.

Darran & Akshay.