Saturday, March 27, 2010


The end of February saw both boats fishing with a large group of Frenchmen. It was a great trip as we had a group with extremes..... from one guy who had never fished before to some guys who'd fished before in the tropics.

Some nice fish caught on popper and jig on this trip and over all an enjoyable experience for both the anglers and us.

Darran & Akshay.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fly & French.

Mid February 2010 saw us fishing with Austen (www.uksaltwaterflies. com & www.saltwaterflies. com), Mike and Peter from the UK. Though they were primarily fly fishermen they were keen to mix a bit of fly fishing along with what we're best at..... popping and jigging!! Above Mike makes contact with a brute of a GT on his first cast in Ritchie's Archipelago. Mike's well deserved GT below that succumbed to a Cubera 150.

Above are a series of pictures of the fly fishing and the fish caught on fly here in the Andaman Islands. We drifted off some great reefs and chummed up critters that were willing to take fly. Somehow the GT weren't particularly interested in fly this trip, but they didn't shy away from poppers. The fish first on the scene and ready to take fly were green jobfish. The coral trout weren't too far behind as well.

We spent the second half of the trip fishing poppers on our favourite reefs and had no shortage of action. The GT were readily taking popper and the fishing was great.

Above, Mike with another thick GT caught on our way back to Port Blair after a couple of days of fishing from Havelock.

Austen and a Red Bass.

Mike with another couple of nice GT, all caught on popper. It was great to see them enjoy chucking poppers at the reefs, knowing that it was only a matter of time before there was a dark shadow under the popper and then a violent crash as the GT hammered popper after popper.

Mike with us before his departure over a couple of drinks recapturing every moment of what turned out to be a great trip. We hope to see Austen, Mike and Peter soon and wish them many a big fish!

The same week saw us fishing with Alain and son, who were first timers in the Andaman Islands. Alain himself was no stranger to popper and jig fishing, but it was his son's first trip in the tropics. Alain with a nice Blue Fin Trevally.

Above, Alain fighting a big GT that put a nice bend in his rod and pushed it to the max.

Alban releasing a big GT after a savage fight and a quick couple of pictures. It's always leaves one with a great feeling seeing a majestic fish swimming away.

A small GT a moment before release. Smaller fish are unhooked in the water and not brought into the boat. This ensures they're released relatively 'green' and minimizes shock.

A popper crashing through a bait school. We often pop bait schools of small bait fish and they usually have larger fish lurking around. This bait school produced the second big Blue Fin Tervally of the trip.

Above some of the jigging action fishing the drop offs which we regularly jig and know are fish producing marks. The abundance of deep water bait also ensures we have some great jigging here in the Andaman Islands.

Darran & Akshay.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Spaghetti Fishing!

February 2010 saw us fishing with an Italian group from It was their 3rd trip jigging and popping in the Andaman Islands with Game Fishing India. Being experienced fishermen and just great guys, we knew right at the start that this was going to be another fantastic trip.

'Ferro' with a nice popper caught GT that caused some damage to his Alle's lures popper.

Marcello with a nice Barracuda

Gian Luca with a big Grouper, again popper caught off a deep reef in the South Andaman's. Fish like this one are a challenge to stop as they head back down to the reef. Hookups with fish like this often result in a bust off!

Gian Luca with Dog Tooth Tuna caught on jig...

Darran brought up this Red Bass on jig!

Marcello with another Doggie caught on jig.

Marcello fighting and posing with another Dog Tooth Tuna!

Alban with a 17 kilo GT caught on his light setup using a Madai Jig! A fantastic achievement considering the tackle he was using!

The GT of the trip for 'King Osso'! One of the bigger GT of this season and another very lucky angler considering he was using a Saltiga Blast!

Alban swimming the fish after a long fight....

Tackle on a fishing trip undergoes tremendous stress and sometimes that stress is just too much. High drag and hard fighting fish take their toll on the fishing gear.

A double hookup!

A record of sorts for the smallest fish caught on popper!

Overall a great trip with some nice fish and many a laugh while on the boats. We're looking forward to having the same group back sometime in the future and only hope they'll carry 'BIG' trebles with them as Big Trebles = Big Fish in the Andaman Islands.

Darran & Akshay.