Monday, October 18, 2010

C.F.O. Thompson and Party!

Our second group for the season was special as we had an old friend on board who was after some Andaman GT. We on our first trip to the Andaman Islands ever were accompanied by Gordon Thompson who at that time had vast experience and knowledge on fishing in Coastal waters of the Indian peninsular. Gordon, this time was accompanied by his buddies Anand and Praveen who were both keen on landing some decent fish.

The team on their way out of Port Blair harbour in Halcyon III.

Anand's weapon of choice was the Tailwalk Gunz that he fished very effectively. Above he tries to turn a GT hell bent on heading straight back to the reef.

Anand with his prize GT, the first of this size for him after a well fought battle. A quick couple of pictures later the fish was released to swim back to the reef it came from.

Praveen and Gordon both with nice GT.

Praveen casting to structure as we drift along a beautiful Island with lush tropical jungle growing on volcanic rock. The Andaman Islands are stunning to look at while fishing and are a balm for sore eyes.

A prize for hard work!

Gordon and group wanted to mix the action with a bit of popping and trolling. Above some of the fish caught trolling hard bodied swimming lures.

The trip was an enjoyable laid back one with some nice fish and as always it's a pleasure to fish with friends.

Darran & Akshay.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Start of a New Season (2010/2011)!!

We ended last season with a Epic Fishing trip with a Singaporean group and then carried on to welcome our new center console power catamaran! She turned out to be better than we imagined and is a perfect jigging and popping machine. By June the monsoons lashed the Andaman Islands and the fishing season came to a complete halt. We all got a much needed break after a hectic season, had time to spend with family and friends and eagerly planned our next season.

Our arrival in the Andaman Islands in early September 2010 saw us with a month of getting the show back on the road. All our boats were taken out of the water one at a time and it was time for our yearly maintainence of boats and engines. It's easy enough to do in a place with sufficient infrastructure but here in the Andaman Islands where you can't buy a spark-plug for an outboard, it's quite a challenge ordering spares from around the world, seeing they all arrive in time and finding reliable technicians to do the job. Three weeks later we had the boats back and taken out for trials before we were happy with their performance.

Our first clients for the season were Suprio Mukherjee and his angling buddy Vinay Badola who fished with us in early October 2010 for 4 days. Traditionally October has always been a great month as no one's been out fishing for the last 4 months and all our spots are well rested. However this year we had some strong winds with accompanying rain as there was a depression in the Bay of Bengal heading towards the mainland. The guys fished on Halcyon, had some difficult conditions and came away with some great fish for their hard work.

Suprio above with his first Andaman GT and we hope it won't be his last!

Vinay was soon into his own GT that took a popper and put up quite a scrap. After a quick couple of pictures we soon had the GT back in the water heading off to its favourite reef!

The boys hooked into a very respectable Giant Barracuda that smashed a well positioned popper. they'd noticed a bait school being harassed and were rewarded with this super fish!

Suprio with nice Big Eye Tuna caught while trolling between Islands.

Vinay above with the fish of the trip!! What a GT! Anglers travel half way across the world for a specimen like the one caught by Vinay and are almost always rewarded for their journey. A fish like the one above is what fishing in the Andaman Islands is about.

We wish Suprio and Vinay all the best and look forward to finding and getting them in to some quality fish here in the Andaman Islands.

Darran & Akshay.