Saturday, November 9, 2013

163cms of Hard Work!



It’s been a exciting journey for all of us at Gamefishing India so far. We set off in 2006 on a wild adventure in search of some of the largest game fish swimming in the Indian Ocean. Our first base is the Andaman Islands where we operate a successful charter catching the largest GT in this part of the world. We often came upon specimens that are once in a lifetime fish. On our travels and searches for places to fish we have always kept in mind the quality of the fish being caught along with creature comforts, ease of connectivity and the safety of clients. Sri Lanka, our latest chapter has provided all of the above and more.




One of the best parts about this business is that we initially get to explore areas that might have never been fished before with popper or jig. It is hard work and involves a lot of time driving the boat around scouting for structure, signs of bait and birds, looking for currents, understanding the effects of the tides at a local level and long hours of casting or jigging with little result. But in time we figure out the puzzle, put it all together piece by piece and the results are always spectacular. Sri Lanka offered us a new set of challenges unique to itself. Operational and official hurdles had to be crossed which take up more time and effort than the fishing.




Our season in both locations is on in full swing, with clients arriving almost on a weekly basis. We’ve had clients from China, Singapore, India and France so far to name a few. We’ve had many a GT over the 30 kilo mark and have been sending home all our groups with their dreams and goals fulfilled. What we are fortunate with is that we have found two very consistent locations that provide great fishing regardless of month, day, tide or time. Our base at Kirinda in Southern Lanka has finally arrived on the popping and jigging map of a must fish destination.




The proof of the pudding is in the eating! On the 4th of November, 2013 we just proved that. We had a group from France fishing with us in Kirinda. They were being hosted by Darran Davis and our new trainee guide Erik Owens. Erik has been with us about 5 weeks and is a quick learner while onboard. On the 4th Erik was out on the boat guiding clients and took them to one of our favourite spots…. It’s a small area, a plateau 14 to 15 meters deep that drops off on all sides to a depth of about 30 to 40 meters. The top of this plateau on most days is alive with bait with the GT’s patrolling the perimeter. On this particular day they were fishing a couple of hours before high tide and Erik had picked up balls of bait on the fish-finder.…knowing well that if the bait was around it was only a matter of time before a big predator showed up. Jerome Lenagard a lucky French angler cast out his Cono Cono and had it taken by a monstrous fish. After a 20 minute fight the GT was brought to the boat. Judging by the size of the fish Erik knew he’d have to work quick. A few photographs later the GT was returned to the water and released once it was completely revived.

For those interested in the tackle used and conditions:
Rod: Zenaq Foqeeto
Reel: Stella SW 18000
Line: Varivas Avani 90 lbs.
Lure: Cono Cono 160, pink purple.
Leader: Varivas 200 lbs
Tide: 1 hour before High
Hooks: 5/0 Owner ST66
Weather conditions: NE wind, choppy sea, clear water and a bright blue sky.

Tight lines,

Team GFA

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