Monday, November 18, 2013

Lone Fish Swimming…




We receive many enquiries from anglers across the globe. Many are keen fishing enthusiasts with the will and the urge to head out to distant lands in search of the fish of their dreams. Of these enquiries we get a large number of anglers who are single. It’s been a trend and it’s on the increase. One of our main concerns is getting people out to where we are and this is the tricky bit. Going forward, we plan to make things much easier to single anglers from across to the globe who intend to fish with us.




Why join a group?

You get to fish the destination you’ve been dreaming of. Finally it becomes a reality as you begin your preparations for that exotic trip to the tropics.

You get to meet and interact with anglers from all over the world. One can gain a lot of knowledge based on the experience of others, about different locations around the world, techniques and lures used to target key species of fish.

Many anglers while on a fishing trip are already planning their next adventure. One can always meet other anglers to join in a future trip while out fishing. Future trips are common topics of discussion after a day out on the boat.

Your tackle needs are taken care of. With airlines being rather rod-tube hostile these days, we can provide single anglers all equipment for their fishing week. Typically we provide popping and jigging rods and have clients carry their own reels, but in a jam we can accommodate one’s tackle requirements.

It’s a lot cheaper. Typically the boat hire charges are split equally by all the anglers on board. Joining a group brings down costs for you and other anglers. Nothing like a win-win situation, is there?!

If you’re a single angler and interested in a custom trip as mentioned, please send us an email at stating the same.

Additionally, please let us know:

· Your prior fishing experience

· Destinations you’ve fished in the past

· Species you’d like to catch

· Time of year you’d like to fish with us

Armed with this information we will put together a week in the month of your preference with likeminded anglers with the same expectations.




Looking forward to fishing with you in the not so distant future.

All the best,

Team GFI

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